A portrait of the Kurz Group

We offer high-quality, customized logistics solutions

The Kurz Group is a provider of logistics services headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany. Our three business areas are:

Kurz Logistics Group - Logistics solutions & regional shuttle services
Comprehensive logistics solutions

From local truck shuttle services through to the outsourcing and management of your logistics processes.

Kurz Logistics Group - Business & personal relocation
Challenging relocations

Removal projects for entire companies, employee relocations as well as services for private clients.

Kurz Logistics Group - Archiving documents & Digitizing documents
Archiving & digitizing documents

Managing documents through our brand, “dasAktenarchiv.de”.

A family-owned and independent company

Friedrich Kurz founded the family business in 1960. With around 130 employees, we’re proud that our company is still owner-managed and independent.

Our 42,000-square-meter headquarters is owned by the Kurz Group and offers more than enough space for our administrative team, as well as storage facilities and our own fleet of vehicles. The site also provides security for our company’s future growth because there is still plenty of free space. Parts of the site are currently rented to third-parties.

  • Kurz Logistics Group - A family-owned and independent company
  • Kurz Logistics Group - A family-owned and independent company
  • Kurz Logistics Group - A family-owned and independent company

Deep roots in our home town of Wetzlar, Germany

Kurz Logistics Group - Logistics services & Logistics solutions from Germany

We value our site in Wetzlar, which is close to the university cities of Giessen and Frankfurt am Main. This central location in Germany is an attractive starting point for various logistics services. Moreover, we are actively engaged in our region:

  • As a logistics provider and business partner, we support a range of companies in this region, many of which are active in global markets across the retail, industrial and healthcare sectors.
  • We are an important employer in the region and a partner of the TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences.

  • We are a sponsor of the Festspiele Wetzlar, an annual event offering drama, music and comedy. We also provide donations to support a range of children’s charities, as well as sporting and cultural events.